Our process

Sometimes you see something from USA, Europe, or anywhere and wonder "Why don't we have that here!" The reason why it takes time is that Australia has one of the strictest safety requirements. With that takes time and product testing.

The process of goods to be sold in Australia are:

  • Finding the new product
  • Checking to see if it abides with Australian Standards
  • Producing the goods
  • Importing it from overseas to our shores
  • Clearing the goods from Customs and final checks
  • Getting it to the retailer
  • On to the shelf and time to sell!

What can we source?

Anything! Our product range is endless. If you find something out there that you can't find, we can bring it in for you. Just go to the contact us page, send us what you find, and hopefully we can start the process of it being available in locally!